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Our clients do business with us because they like our approach, which is to use a team of trusted professionals who always have the time to listen to the client because they don’t waste energy on trivial issues and always give the client what they want quickly, efficiently and without them having to wait for it.

We understand that our clients demand MI from us at any time and do not want to chase us for it. Having identified the growing importance of IT in assisting us in the way that we do business early on, we have invested in and developed the innovative Caytons Cloud platform. This has enabled us to streamline the legal and claims handling process, giving our clients the information that they want, when they want it and from any location.

Based in the City of London with a second office adjacent to the Courts in Dublin, we provide legal and claims management services to the insurance industry and to professional practices. We also provide other consultancy services connected to the insurance industry.

Whilst our core strength is our experience in professional indemnity insurance, we have a breadth of experience in most areas of insurance related disputes and have experience in dealing with the large, complex cases down to the small but rarely simple matters. Our partners and senior staff are some of the most respected professionals in their area of expertise and are highly regarded within the insurance industry.

The Caytons Cloud

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